Playing With Power

NEC introduces the Ready PowerPlayer LE, a multimedia PC that's built just for garners - and it's a real scorcher.

If this ain't a sign of the increasing importance of PC gaming to the computer industry, we don't know what is.

Activision's Mechwarrior 2 is one of many games included with the PowerPlayer-and you haven't pIayed it untiI you've pIayed on a Pentium 133!

NEC, one of the biggest manufacturers of PCs and peripherals in the world, is now shipping an blazing-fast full-featured computer aimed specifically at garners.

The new machine, called the Ready PowerPlayer LE, went on sale in a limited test of 5,000 units in early November. If those sell well - and NEC is confident they will - the new machine will hit the shelves nation-wide in 1996, with a Street price of just over $3,000.

"The Ready PowerPlayer LE is an ideal combination of power and performance that lets users balance work and fun," said Murali Oharan, NEC's vice president of marketing for consumer PCs. "Who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too?"

The PowerPlayer LE system is a mix of some of the hottest hardware a hard-core PC gamer could want. At press time, the system included all these features:

  • A 133MHz Pentium processor
  • A 256K Level 2 cache
  • A 16GB hard drive
  • 16MB RAM
  • A 6-speed CD-ROM drive
  • A 64-bit PCI local-bus graphics card with 2MB Video DRAM
  • A 28.8Kbps modem with Digital Simuftaneous Voice and Data and a full-duplex speakerphone
  • A 16-bit sound card with 3D surround sound and wavetable synthesis
  • A Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro digital joystick
  • A pair of Yamaha 10-watt speakers
  • A 25-watt subwoofer
  • A hand-held remote for controlling multimedia
  • A mouse
  • A microphone

NEC is planning to include a software bundle with the PowerPlayer LE system that will contain the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Works 95
  • Intuit (Quicken)
  • MidiSoft MediaWorks
  • Netscape Navigator
  • America Online, CompuServe, Microsoft Network, and Prodigy communications software
  • Mechwarrior 2
  • Shanghai: Greatest Moments
  • Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
  • Fury3
  • Buried in Time
  • NASCAR Racing
  • Command & Conquer
  • Descent
  • Silent Steel
  • Magic Carpet Plus
  • Microsoft Arcade

Sounds like a pretty solid gaming solution. Will any of the other name-brand computer manufacturers jump on the gaming bandwagon? It's too soon to tell, but don't be shocked if even the biggest PC makers start taking more interest in our little hobby.

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Chronomaster Review

As your ship, the Jackal, lands on the pad at the City of Ground Zero, you can see the fantastic graphics that Chronomaster has to offer.

Within Universe Prime, there are several smaller universes, created by highly intelligent men and women for huge amounts of money. Within these “Pocket Universes,” the creator can manipulate anything he or she desires — even the laws of physics. Anything is possible within the pocket universe, even magic.

Someone is shutting them down, though, putting the inhabitants at risk in time stasis. Although officially the Terran government of Universe Prime does not meddle in the affairs of the Pocket Universes (their laws being solely the responsibility of the owner) they have approached you, a retired expert, to investigate the mysterious shut-downs — occurrences that should, by all rights, be impossible for anyone but the creator to accomplish. You accept, more for professional curiosity than the huge sum you will be paid if you are successful.

When you first get to the Sculpture Garden, there is a large statue standing on magnetic north. There are two ways to make him move so you can set up the resonator. The forceful way of doing it is by going to Fort, where you can manipulate a very large gun and by putting bottled time in a missile, vaporize the unmoving hero. Or, you can trick him by placing an enemy flag, also found at Fort, on the flag pole behind the statue.

In this demo of Capstone’s visually stunning new graphic adventure, you explore Urbs, one of the two pocket universes afflicted with stasis. In order to operate within a universe where time now stands still, you must carry “bottled time” with you, a small personal force field where time operates normally.

After the demo starts, you’ll - be inside of your ship. Using the mouse, you can look either left or right. Looking to the right will put you in front of the ship’s computer, where you can look up personnel files on everyone you know, read your personal journal, or look up objects in the encyclopedia. It’s a good idea to start here, since there is some very useful information contained in the ship’s database.

If you look to your left, you’ll find the universe selector. It will be set for Urbs. You’ll see a set of four small boxes to the upper right. Click on the upper-left box and you’ll be presented with three landing sites. Feel free to land anywhere you like, but in order to set up the equipment, you’ll need to use to find the World Key, you’ll eventually have to get to magnetic north.

Once you start wandering around Urbs, the interface becomes simple point- and-click. Pressing the right mouse button will cycle through the various actions you can perform. If you click on the small bar at the top of the screen, you’ll be able to access an expanded menu of actions as well as your inventory and tools. To use an object, simply click on it in your inventory, then click on the object you wish to perform an action on.

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Free Popular Games to Download Online

Aside from the most popular games that are very in demand to game enthusiasts like NBA, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty and the likes, it is seldom that you will find free versions of them, but if you are looking for some free time management games, such as farming and managing restaurants and airports, there are so many of them that you can access online.

Time management games are one of the most popular types of game that millions of people download on their mobile phone. Some may require internet connection all the time, while the others don’t. During some situations where in you are waiting for someone or wanted to kill some time, these games are the best companion you’ll ever have, you’ll be surprised how time flies when you are so hooked to the game.

Also, most games from the same category are also available for download on PC; some are even legally free especially if there are in-game purchases that will be offered during the game. These are extra coins or points that you may use if ever you wanted to finish a task early or level up right away.

Beware though as this free time management games are also popular to the little kids, so make sure you keep your phone or tablet locked when you leave them as they would also enjoy playing the games for hours as well.

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Offline Activities for Kids who Love Minecraft

Minecraft is an addictive game and no one knows this better than those parents who kids spend endless hours playing this game, especially for free on sites like Minecraft For Free X. Such parents always wish they could find something interesting beyond Minecraft for their kids so that they start spending time away from screen. Here is a list of Minecraft activities and ideas that will attract your kids and make them spend time away from the screen yet engaging with their favorite game world in the real world.

Plant Seeds

Players plant seeds in the game and they grow cactus. You can bring this to the real world by letting them start a small veggie garden of their own. You can call the activity ‘sapling’ as it’s known in the game. This will build a connection of this outdoor activity with the game world and your kids will find it attractive.

Go Fishing

When your kids play Minecraft, they go fishing a lot. It is one of the major sources of food in the game. If you introduce it to your kids in the real life, chances are that they are going to love it. To make it more like Minecraft, you can do some texture work for carry box and make it look like made of Minecraft cubes.

Make them Dye Something

One of the activities in Minecraft is to make dyes from items such as plants, flowers and ink. This helps players change color of wool and therefore look different. Make them do this in real life. Guide them how to make natural dyes from plants. They are going to love it.


Brewing could be fun. Your kids do it all the time in the game. Make them brew something like soda or root beer in real life. If that’s not an option, make them work on a new kind of a milkshake.

Make Paper

Kids make paper in the game from cane sugar. In real life, it’s a little more than that but your kids are going to love it once you teach them how to do it. You can search the internet for a tutorial on making paper at home and help your kids with it. Make them turn paper into a scrapbook and ask them to draw their favorite characters on it. It will become a life-long memory for them.

Make Armor

In Minecraft, armor plays a major role in helping your kids survive the dangers of the game world. They make helmets and leggings from leather and ores but in real life they can make all that stuff from cardboards. All you need is a good video tutorial to help your kids with real-life Minecraft adventures.

Cook Food

Your little miners have been preparing their own food in Minecraft. You can let them do the same in real world. They will already know from the game how to turn carrots to cookies and roast chicken. Just give them a video recipe and ask them to follow it. They will love the activity and you could have a family meal.

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New York City’s Best Places to Live In

New York is one of the busiest places on earth when it comes to work and maybe having a good time as well when not at work. I used to think about the place a business district and not the type wherein people get to relax at home and chat with their neighbors unlike some other states, but when I get to see the quieter side of the Bayside area, I realized, there is actually a place that we can call home.

Bayside NY, although they may have some high rise condominiums such as the bay club condos, looks very homey because of the numerous houses that you can see around together with the parks, schools, theaters and even some historic places or buildings. Some of the communities within the bayside may have a great view of the Throgs Neck Bridge such as the Baybridge condos.

Whether you are single or already have your own family, considering living in Bayside is definitely great for many reasons.

  1. There are parks all around the place – going to the park is one of the best ways that you can do if you have children to let them be physically active. You can also do some work out for yourself and if ever you have a dog to walk or run with.
  2. It’s a great community – people are warm and hospitable, there are events happening once in a while and people are active as well.
  3. Safe and secured – most of the condos and houses are secured by the guards and are gated. This makes the homeowners feel safe and protected all the time.
  4. There are schools – if you plan to live with your family, finding a school won’t be a problem since some of the best schools are nearby your place; from prekindergarten up until college, Bayside have them all.
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Action Center

We are in the process of building our Action Alert Center.

Once completed this synergistically designed system will enable our members to expedite numerous action alerts with the single click of a button.

“The Environmental Community is dedicated to providing advanced services to all TEC member organizations. We are inviting all Earth minded organizations to join us, we’re going to change everything!”

TEC Committee

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